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We are going camping. Yay for the outdoors! Especially where there is a little market where I can buy chocolate, firewood and possible an extra bottle of wine. But camping has left us cramped for time. In news: Opinions were … Continue reading


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The House Where Lori Lives

This is Lori. This is the house where Lori lives. This is the mortgage for the house where Lori lives. This is the checkbook that pays the mortgage for the house where Lori lives. This is office that supports the … Continue reading


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Opinions Up.

So I’ve been toying with an idea lately. Not like cat-and-mouse toying. I’m not torturing the idea. Nor do I plan to leave its little carcass in front of anyone’s bedroom door. The idea deserves to be treated better than … Continue reading


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There be profanity here.

Let’s discuss. I don’t swear on the blog. This was a purposeful decision. It had nothing to do with objecting to profanity. Because I don’t. I’m a big fan of the stand-up of Robin Williams and Dennis Leary. These are … Continue reading


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Why yes, I am easily amused.

We can blame the ensuing silliness on Roxane, of  Roxane’s Days. Because Roxane gave me the gift card. Cause I caught the Dire Straits quote. I knew being a dateless brain in high-school would pay off someday. And people may … Continue reading


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Martha Does Business

I probably shouldn’t title things like that. I already have enough people who think my name is really Martha. LORI. LORI DOES BUSINESS. The other title is just funnier. I should probably stop with that, now that I think about … Continue reading


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Giant step.

Disclaimer: There are no points here, there is no discussion of the house or the dumpster. This is a musing (not to be confused with an amusing) post about nothing to do with dust, dirt, the cats or the kids. … Continue reading


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Where are my minions?

Where? And I don’t mean to suggest that I lost them. It’s not like I took them to Sears and didn’t pay enough attention and they wandered off while I wasn’t looking to pig out on corn-dogs and Orange Juliuses … Continue reading


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First. For those of you who firmly believe that your chubby babies and toddlers will never, ever become tall, gangly, awkward teen-agers…I am here to tell you the sad truth. They will. It will be sad, and it will be … Continue reading


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98…99…100! Ready or not, here I come!

Now I have that “Schoolhouse Rock” song stuck in my head where the guy plays hide-and-seek counting by fives. Two things of portent today: 1. I am honored to be guest posting today at “In These Small Moments,” a lovely … Continue reading


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