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Really? REALLY?

This is our new rallying cry. This is our response now to anything ridiculous, annoying or inappropriate. Last month, Himself and I flew to New York by way of Minnesota to visit friends. It was an exhausting trip what with … Continue reading


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And we’re cooking!

I actually do a mean Julia Child impersonation. It’s awe-inspiring. One thing I don’t talk about a lot on the blog is cooking. Mostly because…well…I cook really well. I don’t have to think about it. It’s easy. Which means that … Continue reading


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Potluck Pour Vous

Oui oui. Je ne c’est quois. Escargot. Two years of French. Can you tell? Potluck time. Cause I need me some easy, make-someone else do all the work, I just offer up potato salad kinda night. ‘Cepting I can’t help … Continue reading


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First, let us talk about the ways in which I am clever. Because talking about how I am clever, pretty, funny, charming or winning at a board game are some of my favorite topics. We really don’t get to talk … Continue reading


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Blue Clues

Two years ago I bought a hydrangea. It was blue. This is what it looks like now: I feel compelled to mention that the reason that we bought it was because it was blue. It is now pink. I already … Continue reading


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A Polite Request.

Dear Catalogue Central; First, allow me to thank you for the generous allocation of catalogues you have assigned to me. It is comforting to know that in the event of re-glaciation that I have both a mechanism for insulating my … Continue reading


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I’m a bad person.

Do you ever have those times, times when you’re trying to do something right, but it’s like gremlins are dancing around your heels tugging at your pants, sending you off balance, pulling on tablecloths to knock over china, making things … Continue reading


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Monday Evening Potluck

Thank heavens. Because even the idea of having to cook is making me tired. I can bring leftovers to a potluck, right? Or am I overstepping the “casual” line? And is coming to the potluck in jammies bad form? Googlitis … Continue reading


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Geography Lesson

I live on the Northern California coast. I actually live about 11 or 12 miles inland as the crow flies,  and there’s a pretty radical change in weather between the coast and even 4 or 5 miles inland. Foggy and … Continue reading


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My butter is too fat.

Is there a word that describes things that are inherently stupid? Like the fact that hotdogs come in 10 packs and buns come in eight? Or the fact that a package of Poptarts is TWO servings? Honestly. Who the heck only … Continue reading


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