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This is unprecedented. In my entire adult life, I have never managed this. I’ve tried. Oh, how I’ve tried. And failed. And other, innocent lives have paid the price. I got an orchid to bloom. Of course, it was blooming … Continue reading


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I’m doing this all wrong!

I humbly ask forgiveness…I’m new at this. So, it never occurred to me that if one was posting an entry about cookies (and crackers), that people were going to read it (like, for instance, you wanted them to) and then … Continue reading


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What is wrong with these children?

This does not look like a child who is doing dishes. Neither does this: I must be doing something wrong. These children do not look sufficiently downtrodden. Apparently I did not create enough of a mess while I was cooking. … Continue reading


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I’m ready for my close-up.

I believe I was always meant for the talk show circuit. In fact, just yesterday I was offering to be a guest on a fellow blogger’s imaginary talk show. I demanded an entourage, cold M&M’s, hot M&M’s, filtered water and … Continue reading


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This is Only a Test. There may or may not be Awesome here.

I blog on WordPress. I really like WordPress. And I liked them before they picked my blog for Freshly Pressed, although…wow…that was fun and it did make me like them more. Yes, my affections can be bought. I prefer to … Continue reading


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I believe I have removed any element of surprise with the title of the post, so for those of you hoping for suspense up until the final photo, I apologize. In addition to creating irrational rules about things and having … Continue reading


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Sheep Shot

Sheep have been penned up on the hillside to eat the brush. When you live in a suburban neighborhood it’s just a little odd to drive home one day and see a large flock of sheep grazing on the easements.  … Continue reading


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I’m just like Van Gogh.

So, for those who are counting or who pay attention to such things, I have not yet started on the home-office-clean-up extravaganza. Another example where work gets in the way of my Martha Points. Damn my compulsion to pay bills. … Continue reading


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How I am like a talking dog.

In total mockery of the challenge that I issued myself in yesterday’s post, more things have accumulated on the desk. The greater irony is that I didn’t even work at the desk today. So I’m fairly confident that my belongings … Continue reading


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How I am afraid in the bedroom.

Disclaimer: This post is not what you think it’s about. At least, not what at least 80% of you think it’s about. I keep saying…I don’t write that blog. Yet. (But if The Bloggess asked me to author a guest post … Continue reading


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