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Proctor and Gamble Owes Me $4000

And I want payment in towels. I have three teenagers. Because of the four year spread in my kids’ ages, this means that the Teenage Era is from 2005 through 2016. There are Asian dynasties that came and went faster … Continue reading


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My Particular Species

There are so many… The Northern Lace-Crested B-Cuppers The Great Plains Domesticus Flaticus The Boom-Boom Chakalakas The Double-D Dippers The Maidenform Warbler The Horned Silicon Plunger The Red-Cheeked Bishop Teasers The Transvaal Massive Marvels The Lesser Western Areoli And my … Continue reading


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Practice makes…umm…I dunno. Pick a word.

So, with stardom for my brilliant illustrated posts lurking somewhere close by, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to keep practicing. Because you know I have all the tools now. I am destined for greatness. And if this illustrated blogger thing … Continue reading


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It Takes an Apple

While working a very busy job as the speech pathologist between several hospitals, the therapist who normally handled home-health patients took a vacation. Why? At the time I concluded principally to inconvenience me. She may in fact have had other … Continue reading


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Wanted: New Fairy, Wings A Plus. No Smokers.

It’s been a while. The last tooth I lost was a failed root canal in an upper molar. The tooth came out in pieces and I would have been far too embarrassed to offer it up for coinage. Plus, the … Continue reading


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Mothers Unite!

AP Washington DC – They say that an oppressed group who organizes is a dangerous thing. Don’t ask us who “they” are. Surely somebody sometime said something like that. And today a portion of the population that has never taken … Continue reading


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People who know me, in addition to giving me chocolate to prevent me from turning on them like a crazed wildabeest, know that I like to have tools. I like instructions. I like how-to’s. If there’s something that tells me … Continue reading


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Off With His Head

Off with his head! Off with her head! I am totally gender neutral on the issue of beheading. It is entirely possible that the recent weeks of writing, posting, crafting, networking, foruming (that is SO a word, goddamnit!) (AND GODDAMNIT … Continue reading


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So, ok, this motherhood thing…

So about this motherhood thing. Do you realize that we do not get the tools we need? No one prepares us. No one gives us a manual. No one considers our  coping strategies or how that will contribute to our … Continue reading


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More Sequins!

In my head, my life is a musical. Something a few notches south of  Gentleman Prefer Blondes. Lots of dance. Lots of heels. There is a kick ass horn section. SO much of my life is more interesting if I … Continue reading


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