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Aspects of Pisces the Fish

The date range for this astrology sign is February 19th through March 20th. The element of Pisces in astrology is water. The quality of Pisces in astrology is the Mutable. The favorite colors of Pisces in astrology is Mauve, Purple, Lilac, Sea Green, and Violet. The best day for zodiac sign Pisces is going to be Thursday. These people are going to be rulers over Neptune and Jupiter. Most of the time, it is going to be compatible with Virgo and Taurus. The lucky numbers for the zodiac sign are 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 24.

Personality Traits

The strengths are going to be very compassionate, intuitive, artistic, gentle, musical, and wise. Their weaknesses are going to be that they are fearful, sad, overly trusting, they have a desire to escape reality, and more than likely to be the victim. The likes of zodiac sign Pisces is that they like to be alone with themselves, sleeping, romance, music, swimming, visual media, and spiritual themes. The dislikes of the Pisces is a know it all, the past coming back to haunt them, cruelty of any kind, and being criticized about anything that they have done in the life.

Pisces are known for being very friendly so they are always going to find themselves in the company of other people all of the time. Since they are very selfless, they are always going to be willing to help other people out without expecting to get anything back from these people. They are characterized by empathy and have the capacity to express all of their emotions. Pisces the Fish are going to be a lot more intuitive than other people and will be known for their artistic talent. This sign is going to reveal their preferences for music in the early stages of their life.


Since the astrology sign is going to love deep inside of their hearts, they are going to be romantics. This means that they are going to be loyal and love their partners unconditionally. They are going to be passionate lovers so they are going to want to feel a real connection with their partners. Therefore, they are not going to be fans of a short term relationship or adventures.

Friends and Family

Since the zodiac sign Pisces are known for being very caring, they are going to be some of your best friends. This is because they are going to put the needs of other people above their own needs. They are going to be the person that is going to try to resolve any problems that might be going on within the family. Therefore, they are going to know that something is not right even before it even happens. They are very expressive with their feelings and they are not afraid to show these feelings when they are around other people. They might expect other people to be as expressive as they are with their feelings.

Career and Money

Pisces are very dreamy when it comes to their career. Therefore, they are going to want something that is going to show up their creative skills even if it is with clarity. This is because they are going to be inspired to make changes in the lives of other people. They are going to be willing to help someone even if is goes beyond their boundaries. More than likely as a career, Pisces the Fish are going to be an architect, social worker, attorney, game designer, musician, or veterinarian. They are going to be good at solving different types of problems.

Attracting a Man

The man is going to live to please and love this woman. The best way to seduce them to get him to open up. His best traits are going to be that he is sensitive, kind, and compassionate. He is going to want to figure out exactly what you want and do everything that he can to make sure that you get it. Sometimes he is even going to know what you want before you do. He is going to use his wild imagination in order to pleas you. He loves to laugh so he will love it when you make him laugh.

Attracting a Woman

The woman is going to be extremely sensitive based on their astrology sign. Therefore, if you are wanting to attract her, you are going to need to be very romantic and will need a sense of humor. You are also going to need to be a good listener. Once you have her attention, she is quickly going to open up to you. She will have a hard time forgiving and forgetting so if she has had her heart broken in the past, opening up is going to be hard for her.

What Is Astrology In Today’s World?

Astrology is an ancient study of how planets, the sun, and the alignment of stars directly impacts and affects each individual on Earth today. While the study is not taught in traditional science courses, it is an extremely important part of thousands of cultures around the world. Understanding the basics of astrology along with the zodiac is a way for you to get to know yourself and those involved in your life a bit better.

What are Horoscopes?

You have likely encountered a horoscope throughout your life. Horoscopes are futures of individuals based on their zodiac sign and when they were born. The horoscope itself is found within the current placement of stars, the sun, and the moon at any given time throughout the year. Taking this information allows horoscope specialists and tarot card readers to better understand individuals and what may lie ahead for them in the near and distant future.

What is “The Zodiac”?

The zodiac is a “map” of sorts, providing each astrological sign a symbol (such as a fish for Pisces or twins for Geminis). Using zodiac signs is a way to learn more about personality traits, characteristics, and even love compatibility if you choose to leave your future and fate up to the stars.

The Twelve Zodiac Signs

Below we’ll go over each of the 12 Zodiac signs. They each have completely unique characteristics and are determined by the person’s date of birth!
  1. Aries (March 21- April 20): Aries is the first sign of the official zodiac and they are bold and independent individuals. Aries enjoys being a leader and bringing enjoyment and thrills into others’ lives. Aries are often goal-oriented and tend to bring a shining light into groups of friends.
  2. Taurus (April 21- May 21): The Taurus individual is bold, stubborn, and often stands their ground when looking to achieve a goal. While Taurus is considered an easy going personality, they stick to their goals and maintain a positive work ethic throughout most of their lives.
  3. Gemini (May 22- June 21): The Gemini is the third zodiac sign, and has the sign of twins. Geminis are known to have varying personalities, often one living in good nature and the other giving into questionable life choices. Geminis are quick to captivate acquaintances, love to talk, and may seem flighty as they are always changing their minds and pursuing their callings.
  4. Cancer (June 22- July 22): The Cancer is not always predictable, but they do not mean to cause inconveniences to others. They are very emotional at times, and inconsistent with plans, goals, and desires. They may at times, have difficulty feeling content in life, as they seek plenty of adventure by nature.
  5. Leo (July 23- August 21): Leo personalities may have tempers, but they are short-lived as the Leo is extremely loyal and devoted to loved ones. The Leo enjoys being the center of attention and brings an intense energy when in groups of friends, family, and even strangers. Leos are strong-willed and protect who they love at all costs.
  6. Virgo (August 22- September 23): The Virgo is neat, precise, and often extremely mind-oriented. They enjoy organization, planning, and keeping a cool balance when overcoming everyday stress. Virgos are devoted lovers and equal partners, leaving no one a burden of their own.
  7. Libra (September 24- October 23): Libras love to lead. They generally fit in with a wide range of individuals. Libras have an extremely strong work ethic and enjoy lavish vacations and shopping trips.
  8. Scorpio (October 24- November 22): Scorpios are known to be intense and passionate people. While a Scorpio originally comes off as intense, they are often kind, loyal, and have a strong work ethic.
  9. Sagittarius (November 23- December 22): The Sagittarius is another stubborn sign, while they still manage to maintain positive outlooks on life. They are impulsive by nature, but love meeting new people throughout their lives.
  10. Capricorn (December 23- January 20): Capricorns have a great work ethic, and use their expansive minds to further careers with ease. At times, they may be stubborn, but they are often enjoyable people to spend time with overall.
  11. Aquarius (January 21- February 19): Aquarius is much less likely to be influenced by their surroundings and what friends and family members may think about their lifestyles and the choices they make. Instead, Aquarius functions better with free-spirited individuals and easy going lifestyle.
  12. Pisces (February 20- March 20): Pisces are often great listeners, although they may also need close friends to vent to once in a while. Pisces are extremely sensitive and empathize with others easily and without effort. While sensitivity is helpful for friendships with Pisces, they are often prone to depression due to their heightened emotional awareness.
Getting started with astrological subjects is not only a great way to learn about traits of others in your life, but it is also an ideal method of getting educated on how previous cultures looked to the stars for guidance. Whether you are an avid believer in astrology and zodiac-related content or if you are simply curious, there is a lot to learn once you begin diving into the subject. We encourage you to expand your horizons and learn as much about the Zodiac as you can to truly bring balance to yourself and those around you.

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Go Here.

Go here. Go here. <— Please? Go here. —> Here. Yes…HERE! Yes yes! Go HERE! (It’s all the same link. Please don’t click seven times. You’ll get a headache. And be annoyed with me.)

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When the cat’s away…

…the mice buy cheese. How I shop when my lactose intolerant husband is off on business. Umm…I may have some issues. Also. Come back tomorrow. K? Come back tomorrow. Oh, and come back tomorrow. Write that down maybe. Come back tomorrow. And tomorrow? Come back.


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Blogging Babes with Babies

When you have a group of women Who have a wacky hobby in common…. Give them access to an incredible hostess And put a couple pitchers of sangria in front of them…. There’s going to be a really good time had. They will speak in a language that normal people couldn’t possible understand. They will make inside jokes that no one else gets. They will still ooh and ahh over a bundle of cuteness. They will drink wine in completely inappropriate quantities. They will share love as if they’ve known each other for many decades. Even when they’ve only met once or twice (or never) before. They will understand the essential need to capture a picture of a cat in a baby basket. And they will laugh. And the fact that 99.9% of their relationship exists in the pixels of a computer screen will not matter one, teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy little bit.


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The Ups and Downs

The first house I ever owned was a little tract home with a yard the size of a piece of lunchmeat. The long hallway was lit by two absolutely uninteresting overhead lights. There was a light switch. In the living room was pair of track-lights. There was a light switch. In between them was a light switch with two switches, one that controlled the hall lights and one that controlled the track lights. Here is a schemata. (This is the technical term for silly drawings that want to seem more important than they are.) Isn’t that impressive. So there are two switches that control each sets of lights. Convenient, yes? Switches A and B controlled the hall lights, from either switch. If light A was up, you could turn the hall lights off from switch B. Switches C and D controlled the track lights, from either switch. If switch C was down, you could turn the lights on from switch D. So convenient. Yes! Yay for modern wiring! Until one of the light switches broke and needed to be replaced. This should not be a big deal. It’s not like we were rewiring the switchboard for AT&T’s customer service line. A light switch. One. Simple. Light switch. We replaced the light switch. We turned off the breaker and followed the instructions. Something went wrong. Horribly wrong. Turning one switch up and the next switch down stopped turning off and on the light. A up B down no longer meant a light going on or off. C down D up no longer had anything to do with illumination in the living room. Instead we ended up with this:

A up B down C up D down meant one light on and the other blinking morse code.

A down B up C down D up  caused the garage door to open.

A up B up C down D up launched the space shuttle.

A down B down C up D down caused Donald Trump’s hair to eat the nearest journalist from Mother Jones.

A up B down C down D up made blue chips stocks on the Dow Jones dance the polka.

A down B up C up D down meant six more weeks of winter.

A down B down C down D up caused guacamole to turn black.

A up B up C up D down made 80′s pop groups to go on reunion tours.

A down B down C up D down caused a flock of migrating Canadian geese to become disoriented and poop all over our yard.

People would walk down the hallways and we would fling ourselves at them to keep them from flipping a light switch and potentially reversing the earth’s polarity, or, equally bad, causing reruns of “Who’s the Boss” to air on all available cable stations. Having influence over the earth this way was just not as much fun as you’d think. Nor, I must say, was walking down the hallway in the dark for fear of turning on a light switch. I had lots of stubbed toes during that period of my life. But, it was for the best. I really hate black guacamole.


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I’d Be a Wicked Good Nature Show Host

This weekend I took my life in my hands. Armed only with a cup of coffee (a disaster in its own right- we ran out of coffee creamer and tried to buy a carton at Whole Paycheck Foods, which meant we ended up with a soy product that while labelled “hazelnut” would have more appropriately been marketed as “Wooden Spoon”) I embarked on one of the most hazardous of all house-taming missions: dealing with accumulated mail. I had no tranquilizer gun. I had no net. I had no smooth-tongued narrator. I did not have Jim to wrestle the beasts to the ground. I had only the crappy tasting coffee and my wits, which, frankly, have been listed recently on the endangered species list. Step One: Identification and Tagging. Mail taxonomy is often tricker than it seems. For while the major species  junkus prolificus and correspondus personalis are easy enough to identify, others can be more difficult. For instance, some very crafty species of junkus mimickus can actually resemble legitimate strains of mortgage ginormica, in hopes of tricking the unwary home-owner into forking over muchas dineros. And in the sorting phase it’s not at all uncommon to discover a violent species of HOLY  %$#&ICUS that needed to be identified, processed and transported several weeks ago. Specimen growth and the discovery of penalty offspring often accompany the identification of HOLY %$#&ICUS. Step Two: Processing and Habitat Re-Introduction Once you’ve identified your various mail species, you must move to the crucial processing and habitat re-introduction phases. Some species can be immediately relocated into the circular-shaped habitat receptacle of your choosing. Some require return to their habitat of origin along with a donation to ensure the continued reproduction of the species. Some cannot be properly handled without additional research, most typically the “Didn’t I already pay that?” or “Why the hell do they need the serial number from the refrigerator?” academic inquiries. And then, there’s my personal favorite, that particular species of mystery mail that if left alone, dies a quiet death. Also known as, ignoritandit goesawayicus. In this case, the proper course of action is to put the creature into a NEW pile, and forget about it for at least one mail life-cycle (about 30 days). So despite not being filmed or featured on a nature program (although would that NOT be a killer episode?) Himself and I did manage to tame most of the wild mail-life in the house. Although there was a brief altercation over who was meant to take custody of certain specimens, no tranquilizer guns were fired, and the creatures were ultimately handled without injury. But I’m still bummed that nothing got wrestled to the ground.


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The Baby or the Candy?

Much like that classic story of temptation, “The Lady or the Tiger,” there was a choice before me. My adorable, one-month-old nephew (who I’d not been able to meet yet owing to the rampant plague that kept swinging through our house), or Easter candy. You know me. If there’s chocolate to be had, keep outta my damn way or decide that you are not emotionally attached to your fingers. So here I was…torn…how would it go? Baby? Candy? Baby? Candy? Baby? Candy? Baby. Yeah, like there was any question.


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